About Carriage House Antiques and "Good Stuff"

The Carriage House Antiques and "Good Stuff" shop is one of very few Antique boutique shops in Crystal Lake, IL. It has been in business for 14 + Years and offers an eclectic collection of Vintage and Antique items. These items can be used as Indoor and as Outdoor items.

The Carriage House is located in an actual carriage horse and buggy house. Look for us nestled in back between the Health Food Store and the Crystal Lake Park District Office, just East of Walkup Ave. and West of Main Street on Crystal Lake Avenue. In front of us is a new addition to downtown Crystal Lake, Lizzy Lou's Boutique.

Parking is available in the lot next to the Health Food Store.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that we can become fast friends and provide you with our exciting and beautiful treasures.

See you very soon.

Karen and Di.



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Community Involvement

This Adirondack Chair was donated by Carriage House Antiques to Julie Ann's frozen custard in order to help celebrate a terrific family event. The chairs will be displayed at Main Beach.

It’s the 100th Anniversary of the Crystal Lake Park District this year! To help celebrate, local businesses are decorating themed Adirondack chairs. Our friends at Julie Ann’s Frozen Custard created this one...the chairs will be on display at the Main Beach May 29-September 10.

Stop by Crystal Lake's Main Beach to view the chairs. After looking at the chairs, stop by Carriage House Antiques and "Good Stuff" to view their collection of Vintage and Antique collectibles. And don't forget to stop by Julie Ann's for a terrific treat.


Our Team

Milena ... Dealer

My love for vintage began at an early age. It must be in my genes because my whole family hunts for vintage. My mother was constantly repurposing items and changing around rooms in our house. We would "shop" with her during town recycling days. My Grandpap would "shop" the town dump after working long hours in the coal mines in Pennsylvania. For me, I "shop" anywhere all the time for anything vintage.  I collect many things but nothing stirs my heart more than vintage Christmas and vintage dress forms. 

Sharon ... Dealer

Was raised in Wood Dale, IL. She married Stuart Callovi in 1964 and moved to Elgin, IL for 4 years and then East Dundee, IL where she has lived for 52 years and raised a son, Troy. She retired from Safety Kleen but even while working had a passion for doing flea markets or renting a booth in Antique stores to sell her treasures.

From 1989 to 1996 Stuart and she owned a store called Circles of Gold specializing in Jewelry and Baseball Cards in  East Dundee, IL Early in 2017 Stuart passed away. At that time we had a booth in Elgin Antiques and Carriage House Antiques.

In late 2017, Joe Cordero asked Sharon to be co-owner of J&S River Antiques and "Things" in East Dundee, IL The shop opened in September 2017 and we remain at Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake.

Andi ... Dealer

When I was a kid I was fascinated with old things from ages past. I loved old jewelry and shoes and things my Dad would acquire from his machine shop like old phones and primitive adding machines. At age 15 I went to a garage sale and bought an antique desk with layers of old paint on it for $5. I stripped it and restored it to its original mahogany finish and was hooked on restoration from then on. The transformation has always been an uplifting process for me..I have always been fascinated by old relics and the stories they have to tell. Whether it's a piece of vintage jewelry, an old quilt, or a old piece of furniture, I always wonder about the history. Who owned them? Where has it been? To me they are treasures of the past.

Becky... Dealer

Becky W. of Burlap n Boots is one of our newest vendors. She is an artist specializing in mixed media art, specifically found objects on barn wood and hand lettering. She also finds unique antique and MCM treasures, carries jewelry handmade by her daughter, and up cycled furniture pieces.







Our News

  • This Month's Tip:

    Updated: 06.03.2021

    Come in and discuss what you can do with our items and get some greater ideas for your lawn, garden and house.


  • We are an amazing antique shop:

    Updated: 06.03.2021

    We never cease to amaze. We have items to use anywhere around or in your house.
    Stop in and meander through our outside displays and indoors. Our customers say it takes at least four trips around our store to see it all!

    We've been in business or more that 14 years!

  • Come in to meet our dealers:

    Updated: 06.03.2021

    This is one of our dealers, Milena. She has many items on display. Come in and ask to see her spot. You will be amazed. In fact, all of or dealers have amazing vignettes of the items.

    Di and Karen, the owners of Carriage House Antiques and Good Stuff, have an incredible amount of Vintage, Antique and Mid-century goods to view.

  • Facebook presence too:

    Updated: 8.30.15

    In addition to our Website, we have additional items shown. We are pleased that we have a presence on Facebook. Our dealer Milena posts pictures often with the help of our webmaster.

    We hope you look there as well. Click on the Facebook Image. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with quality merchandise at fair and reasonable prices and make their visit with us as pleasant and memorable as possible. We are always friendly because we want our customers to tell their friends about their enjoyable visit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve all of our customers by providing courteous sales people and insuring that the items purchased lead to many return visits.

We aim to please our friends in their search for home decor and special gifts for special occasions.

Our Products

We offer quality antiques, jewelry, knick-knacks, odds and ends and products at a fair and reasonable price. We  want you to be returning customers so we want you to be happy and satisfied with our products.

Need Help Fast?

Please call our number below or send us an email by selecting the owners link below. We will respond quickly and courteously.